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You have a company/business delivering excellent and quality services. You have a product that is very popular at a very good price. You even have a very good after sales/services system in place to keep your clients happy.

Yet, what good is all of this, if no one knows about you or your services/products. This is where marketing/advertising comes in. The necessity of advertising your business cannot be emphasized enough.

Luckily with today’s technology, there are numerous ways you can market and advertise your business. Here are just a view examples we can help you with:

Conventional Advertising

Strand Noord Kalender smallToday (and especially in the past), conventional leaflets, brochures and newsletters are printed in high volumes and distributed via mailing or other means. Although being used less and less, and more focus is placed on online advertising, ignoring this way of advertising is a mistake. A big percentage of South Africans still read their newspapers (in which leaflets and adverts can be placed) and a larger than expected part of the population still rely on and react to leaflets/brochures placed in their post box. Find out more here.

Email Newsletters

Postbox2A highly successful evolution of the Internet and email, is the email newsletter. You know that irritating “spam” you find in your inbox and a lot of people delete before even opening. Well, a good portion of this “spam” is actually e-newsletters from companies/business you work with, containing very useful information and news you may find very valuable.

Unfortunately because of its misuse by some companies, flooding you with real spam, it has earned a bad reputation among a lot of email users. Despite that fact, it still remains one of the most effective ways of advertising, as you know you are sending it to your database of clients, people who will be interested and keen on hearing from you and news about new developments and services. There are many other reasons, so click here to find out more about its advantages.

PDF Newsletters And Leaflets

PDF SampleBy now, everyone using the internet for more than 2 years, or bought a DVD/CD with documentation on it, know what a PDF is. It was first used widely in the printing industry by designers and prepress departments to provide brochures/leaflets/newsletters and anything else to be printed a format that looks the same across all platforms and any type of computer. The rest as they say, is history.

The advantages are numerous. You get the advantage of a traditional printed newsletter/brochure and the email-newsletter combined in one. You get a fully styled end product of the same quality as a printed design, with the advantage of sending it to clients or posting it on your website where anyone can read or download it.

An increasing number of clients are turning to us to design electronic newsletters, like one of the University of Stellenbosch’s departments, where they post it on their website for current and former students. We will be posting details, as well as the newsletters on our campaign section shortly, in order for you to see what is possible.

It is also very versatile, as you can design it for print (in case the client wants to have it commercially printed), supply the electronic version in almost any possible file size (depending on whether clients want to post it in on place online, email it to clients or have it printed). You can also do changes fairly quickly in the original design application, and convert and get it back to the client in a short time.

Social Media

Social IconsA very powerful tool, and increasing in popularity with reason. Take Facebook for example, you can create your own Company/Business for free, and you can place updates and news about your business, including new products. In this way you are advertising and giving exposure to your products and services.

You can also place a paid advertisement on any audience you want to target, and reach thousands to millions of potential clients (depending on your target audience and budget). With over 1.5 billion users on Facebook, you can hardly argue with the evidence.

These are just some of the marketing tools we can help you with, and give your business the exposure it deserves.

Contact us with any questions you may have.


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