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Statistics BrochureAutumn Skies Design For Print was launched to assist Designers, Clients and Printing companies with print ready artwork (to find out more about prepress, have look at the definition at the bottom of the page).

Having been in the print industry for over 20 years with vast experience across DTP, designing and prepress management I know the frustrations that can arise by designers, clients and printers when artwork is not print ready.

We provide the solution by ensuring print ready artwork which saves time, with no hassles and a smooth and efficient flow from designer to printer.

The result? A seamless printing experience.   

Some challenges you may have encountered to date:

•  You sent your artwork to print and were told your artwork was not print ready
•  Your artwork was in full colour, but you didn’t know how to change it to a 2 or 3 colour print
•  You needed to add crop marks or a bleed to artwork but you didn’t know how to do it  
•  Your artwork's quality was poor, and your design needed to be re-created as a high-res PDF

If any of the above sounds familiar, I can solve all your challenges.

Autumn Skies is flexible and is able to assist in various capacities:

•  Simple Creations Such As Logos
•  Comprehensive Corporatate Identity Creation, from Logo Design. Stationery, to Annual Reports
•  Brochure, Signage and Banner Design

Herbacure PhotoshoppedA few examples:

•  Simple editing or correcting of colours on a business card
•  Converting a non-print compatible MS Word file to a print ready PDF
•  Recreating a brochure from a printed sample

PREPRESS: The preparation of all materials to be printed, to be 100% print ready and resulting in the end product looking as intended by the designer/client without further changes needing to be made to the artwork prior to print.

Have a look at samples of our design and prepress services by

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