The Best Of Both Worlds: The PDF Pamphlet



Our latest project, a pamphlet created for the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science (University of Stellenbosch), was created with the same instructions as before. A PDF to be placed on their website and emailed to clients was required, but they also wanted the option to have it printed and distributed as well. (See example at top of paragraph)

As a result, whenever we design any artwork for them, from a simple brochure to a newsletter, we design it as if it will be printed, with all elements created to meet high print quality standards. From there, it is a very simple process to create a digital version in PDF format, with varying sizes and quality (depending on client needs) for electronic distribution or placement online.

This is what is meant by “the best of both worlds”. Clients get a digital product of superior quality, simply because of the way it was created, with the option to have it printed at any time with a few minor adjustments and no additional costs.

The opposite applies as well. You can have your brochure printed, and a digital version can be created at any time for you to send to clients you can’t reach with your printed material, or even post it on your website for all visitors to see. Either way you win.

Keep this in mind next time you have to choose between advertising in print or marketing online. This way, you end up with a quality product you can use any way you want, with more than one option available. You can find out more about marketing & advertising by following this link.

Feel free to contact us, should you have any further questions.


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