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Postbox2Instead of sending out countless brochures or newsletters, with the hope or landing a client or subscriber, and spending a fortune on printing materials and distribution, you can now reach exactly the audience you want to reach, with the right news, adverts etc., at a fraction of the cost.

This is hands down probably the most powerful and effective tool you can use to market yourself/your company and reach your target audience and clients fast and efficiently.

Here are just some of the major advantages:

•  With a list of recipients in your database, you reach only the audience you want to reach.

•  Speed: Your newsletter, product news etc. lands up directly in their inbox.

•  Cost: The tremendous savings is self evident.

•  Flexibility: You can quickly send out and inform your clients about new events, news, product updates etc.

•  Scheduling: You can decide whether to send out on a weekly, monthly or once off basis, and change that whenever the need arises.

• Design: Regardless of the type of information send out, we make sure it is designed and delivered with a pleasing and professional look, making it appealing for the reader.

Contact us today with your specific marketing/newsletter needs, and start reaching, growing and informing your client base and grow your company, as we put together a package suited to your needs and take the marketing headache off your hands.


What Is The Progress-4P System?

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