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Rebirth Of The QR Code

qrcodeRemember these unsightly black & white blocks that appeared in adverts and articles a few years ago. Well they are making a comeback, and in a big way. Now more colourful, appealing and customized, and linking you to almost everything you can think of with the click of your smartphone's built-in barcode scanner.

One of our clients took the initiative, and had us customize his QR code with all his contact details, and placed on his contact page. Now clients can get all his contact details directly from his website by simply taking a snapshot of the built in code. No more writing down addresses, forgetting websites or bookmarking websites.

Simply follow this link to see just this one application of how the new generation QR Code can be used. Go ahead, scan it!

Stay tuned for my full upcoming article/blog, showing you all the new options and styles these codes come, as well as the wealth of new usages it have and can be linked to. See the samples below to get a taste of the new look QR Codes, and that is just the start!


Wessel Wessels           QR Code         fb qrcode

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What Is The Progress-4P System?

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What is the Progress-4P System and how will it benefit my business?
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