What Is The Progress-4P System?

Designed to take the headache and frustration out of having your complete business presence designed and established online (from social media to having your website and everything in between).

The Progess-4P stands for our Progressive 4 Phase Online Growth System.

Most of its components will be familiar to you, but we structured it in such a way so that you can systematically grow your business effectively online. We used our past experience to optimize each component for optimal growth and performance.

As the name suggests, it is a progressive system, consisting of 4 steps to help you establish your business online.

Here are the steps:

Progress 4P Graph1.    Design/build your unique and dynamic website. This will be the focal point of your online presence. From here you will promote your business, reach out to your audience, receive feedback, and integrate your social media platforms to communicate with clients.

2.    Create/integrate your social  media components. A very important, but often neglected part of your online business, is the publishing your Company Page on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc. With millions of people on Facebook and other social media platforms, the importance these tools to interact and get feedback from clients, cannot be stressed enough. Its value and benefits have been proven over and over again.

3.    Grow your business by marketing your products/services and communicating with your clients through these powerful marketing tools:

a.    Email Newsletters (eNews) will be generated and send out, creating an effective way of communication with clients.

b.    Advertising your product/service on social media platforms via updates on your Company Page or more direct targeted paid advertising to give invaluable exposure to your product/service to millions of users.

4.    Google Analytics And Feedback

Finally, we will use the power of Google Analytics and the feedback and analysis pages of social platforms like Facebook, to see what works, what creates the best response, and adjust and fine-tune you website and Company Page accordingly, to optimize growth and exposure for your company.

Here are just some of the benefits of this system:

1.    The system is flexible and designed to suit your preference and budget. (For example, can choose not to implement the full system at once, but decide to build your website or Company Page on social platform first, promote it later or when your budget allows it.) You have the option to decide when and how to build up your online presence!

2.    The best possible environment for growth is created, through constant exposure of your business and interaction with your clients.

3.    Your website and Company Pages will be regularly updated, thereby preventing your company from slipping down the search rankings.


What Is The Progress-4P System?

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